Feb 252011

Friends of Charlie Hill would like everyone to know that Charlie is back to work shoeing horses.  The doctors have told Charlie that he should still refrain from doing any physical activities under horses that might jeopardize the ongoing healing of his femur. As a result, Jess Nelson and Dally Curtis have been performing the majority of the shoeing process, letting Charlie build shoes and supervise their work.


Jess came down from Flagstaff to support Charlie’s clientele beginning the day of his surgery on the 1st of February.  He shod horses for Charlie that week and the next before having to return to Flagstaff. Dally Curtis flew in from Belton, Texas on the 15th of February, and will continue to support Charlie with his horseshoeing for the next several weeks.  He plans to return to Texas briefly to catch up with his client’s horses about the middle of March.


Charlie and Debbie are planning to travel to Denver, Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo on March 11th-13th.  Rodger Kyle of 8th Heaven Farms in Castle Rock, Colorado will have an exhibition booth at the Expo.  He has invited Charlie to share the booth with him to showcase Charlie’s experience as a horseman of over 50 years.


Phase two of the revision of Charlie’s right leg continues the 30th of March.  The knee replacement surgery has been scheduled for this day.  Upon his return from Colorado, during the surgery, and for several weeks after, Dally Curtis will continue to support Charlie and his clients.


As, Charlie’s “Road to Recovery” continues he would like to thank everyone who has been a part of the process whether directly or in thoughts and prayers.


Feel free to also view the new movie of Charlie’s life on his Biography page.




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Feb 062011

Friends of Charlie Hill would like everyone to know that Charlie is back home and recovering from the recent surgery to his right femur that we spoke of in the previous post.

Charlie’s wife Debbie says the doctors are encouraged on Charlie’s progress to date and how well the surgery went. They were able to remove all of the old hardware in Charlie’s femur from the fracture he incurred back in ’06 while colt starting a neighbor’s colt.

Debbie wants everyone to know that Charlie’s spirits are high, but he will be unable to work or ride for the next several weeks.  The doctors’ recovery orders were mainly to rest to let the femur heal while performing some minor at home physical therapy exercises.

Charlie would however like everyone to know that as he heals he will have much more free time on his hands.  He hopes this will allow him to possibly give some private lessons to anyone interested.  Although he won’t be able to ride Warrior or any other horse, Charlie would be happy to draw upon his years of experience as a horseman to enhance your experience with any particular needs you and your horse may need.

If you’re interested in seeing Charlie, feel free to contact Debbie or leave a message via the Contact page.

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Feb 012011

Friends of Charlie Hill would like people to know that this day, Tuesday 2/1/2011 he will start phase one revision of much of his right leg.

Some of you know Charlie to have sustained this injury back in 2006 colt starting, after which he began to limp a bit.  Charlie has more hardware in his right femur and knee than on his farrier cart, and the immobility grew more and more, and the range of motion less and less.

Charlie had a follow up knee surgery in ’08 and a redo in ’09.  The problem to the leg was compounded.  It was not made better.

To Charlie, NEVER a complaint is spoken.  Oh contraire!  Sometimes he can’t do right by the horse.  But with God’s help he gives every person interested in helping themselves and their horses his best “try”.

The love of Charlie’s life, his wife, his partner in life – Debbie, and the family members would like Charlie to give the medical field one more try.

So this day, February 1, 2011 all the old hardware comes out of the leg.  Six to eight weeks from now, reevaluate the status of the leg and move on.

We will keep all of you updated on his upcoming progress and events.  If you know Charlie, you know he will be atop the back of his mustang “Warrior” shortly.  The journey continues….

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