May 172011

Charlie Hill will be resuming his Tuesday night training sessions beginning today  from 7pm to 9pm. Charlie has been recovering since the second surgery to replace his right knee on March 3oth.  The surgery was successful but was more extensive than originally planned.  In addition to the knee replacement, a metal rod had to be inserted into his femur from the knee to the hip.  This was required to help realign the femur to the correct position for the second  knee replacement.  Charlie’s femur had rotated approximately 90 degrees out of alignment over time since the original femur break  in 2006 and  the subsequent unsuccessful original knee replacement in 2008. In fact  the surgeon could only get  approximately 10 degrees of rotation on the knee as a result of the misalignment of the femur pre-surgery, but this increased to 120 degree’s  immediately post op.

Charlie came home from the hospital on May 2nd and started physical therapy soon after.  Initially the therapy regimen was to build strength to the muscles in the right leg that were now properly aligned, but hadn’t been used in this manner for several years.  The physical therapy has continued to present and now includes exercises to increase rotation of the new knee and build the muscles associated with those movements.

During this entire recovery period, Dally Curtis continued to support Charlie by  shoeing his clients horses.

Last week  for the first time since the surgery, Charlie was finally able to return to work on a limited basis with Dally’s continued support. If all goes well, Dally will be able to return to home in Belton, Texas  sometime next week as Charlie resumes his horseshoeing and now horse training events once again.

We look forward to hopefully seeing you soon at a Tuesday night Ride at Charlie’s place.

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