May 242016

May 2016 Chill  Method Clinic cover story

I want to remind you of our clinic scheduled for May 21, 22, 23, 2016 at the covered arena at Horseshoe Park Equestrian Center, on Riggs Rd in Queen Creek, Az. This will be a good opportunity, whether you have any issues with your horse or not. Each day for this 3-day clinic will be divided into 2 sessions. On day one both sessions an AM and a PM will focus on evaluation from the ground, and what I call “riding from the ground.” This will reveal where they are feeling back to us and where they believe they can take over or rush to get done without proper preparation. You will be able to work with your horse as if you were on their back, getting them to feel back to you, follow a feel, and stay on your line. This will benefit your understanding of these terms and coordination of the aids that will help you as you ride. The morning session of day 2 will continue with the focus on these same things. We may begin to mount to confirm how these things relate to riding. After the morning session of day 2, we will focus on riding and will be joined by those that enrolled to only the riding in the last 3 sessions, which are the PM session of day 2 and both sessions of day 3.
Brian Bausch, and his horse Rustler, from Americas Got Talent, will again be partnering with me. Brian is a 5 time world champion mounted shooter and an accomplished trainer in many disciplines. His individual attention and keeping everything running smooth, for myself and those that have come to know Brian, we thank Brian and have a great appreciation for what he brings to the table.
The clinic will start at 9am each day and end at 5pm with a 1 hour lunch each day. There will not be a lunch stand on the premises. The cost for the clinic is $375 for all 3 days, $200 for the last 3 sessions and $30 per day for auditing or discounted $75 for all 3 days for auditing. Brian and Rustler will be preforming during one of our breaks with the jazz group, “Flavor” to some patriotic songs.
Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature – have been made , so that men are without excuse.

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