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When I first envisioned this format, where we would spend the first day and a half, working from the ground, I thought I would accept only 10 participants to insure enough time to evaluate and demonstrate the things that would be the most appropriate and how it would relate to what you would do from their back. However, if I only accepted 10 participants, in order to pay for the rent, insurance and other expenses related with my association with our support of Horseshoe Park Equestrian Center, we would need to charge at least $600 tuition. By only allowing 8 participants to enroll for all 3 days with ground evaluation, explanation, demonstrations, hands on work and through all of day one and morning session of day 2, there would be adequate time to allow 12 additional riders to enroll to observe day 1 and the AM session of day 2. Then join the riding portion of the afternoon session of day 2 and all day of day 3. Tuition could be reduced to $375 for those enrolled for all sessions and $200 for those observing day 1 and the AM session of day 2 and riding for the PM session of day 2 and all day of day 3. This is a great combination of time usage, financial relief, and adequate revenue with a win-win situation for everyone.

This would provide much insight as to our old format, where we would have a colt starting, where the preparation was done for the first day and a half and then the colt would be ridden in the morning and the horsemanship in the afternoon.

For this clinic those attending for the afternoon of the 16th and all day on the 17th, they will also be allowed to audit for the insight that comes with those horses we evaluate and demonstrate with on the 15th and the morning session of the 16th. Then they will ride those on the afternoon session on the 16th and all day on the 17th.This all for less than a regular 2-day clinic.

For the auditing portion of this clinic, we encourage all horsemen to attend, we will run a special that if you pay for all 3 days, it will be $65, otherwise, $30 per day. To insure adequate time for all participants to enroll participation is limited in this clinic. We are only taking 8 for the ground portion and riding. We have 5 already enrolled. We are only taking 12 participants for the 2nd part. Your spot is only reserved with a $100 deposit.   Contact Debbie Hill at 480-206-1570 or  by email:

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