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There is a lot to be said about great weekends on the back of your favorite horse. There is even more to say when you are riding that wonderful mount in the company of Charlie Hill. Still, with out understating what occurred in three days at Horseshoe park, un-folding theories of “The Chill Method” with Charlie and giving me a front row seat in assisting him. My fear is to go too far in attempting to put into words the improvements in horsemanship that I witnessed 

  • Flexing your horse on the ground, getting more eye, and work at stopping the push.
  • Stay behind the knot
  • With out using your hands, reins, or a bit pressure to control your horses speed and direction
These are the general topics that were well covered in the three days in “The Chill Method” Clinic. With too many analogies, life applications, and many first hand horse experiences to help in the explanations, to list.
Looking back at the big picture, I meditate through my days being saddle-bound about, relationship + meeting the horse’s needs. I am in the habit of focusing on the relationship, and usually talk over with my riding companions the many needs that any given horse we are working has. I am so blessed for Paula, my riding friend that is my most trusted sounding-board. We talk over our riding time together and help each other with the mindset for the horse we are riding. “The Chill Method”   Just one week of riding my horses that already have a relationship; of a month or two with me, have now gotten even more relaxed in movements, and confident in their work by attempting the latter, meeting their needs.
We are very excited to be neighbors, and spend as much time with Charlie and Debbie as we have.


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  1. Its beautiful. It’s very emtoaonil but it speaks feelings. Which i think its very pure and the effects made it more mixed but it’s all together beautiful. But may i ask? what was she thinking?

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