Oct 162022
Rite of passage Therapy was founded by my friend Rob Boyle retired military, and accomplished horseman wanting to help vets. and others suffering with PTSD, greif, anxiety,depresson or other disorders
We will be using horses with anxiety, nervousness, or even hostile attitude.
This open house is your INVITATION to come and see how this works and meet and visit with the therapists.


May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'R Nロራ Open House with Clinicians: Rob Boyle & Charlie Hill Two_Horseman meet . Anxiety/ Trauma Horses & People! with People & LovedOnes that live gain a better understanding their journey to_healusing Horses. out τs horses how people 9am-3pm 9am 3pm When: November 5th 2022 Email: RBoyle61 144th St. Scottsdale, AZ 85262 mail. com or Call: 401-639-5445'

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