Oct 262010

Charlie Hill will be  working  with a rescue horse named  “Charlie” beginning this Sunday October 31st.  Charlie the horse is a gelding that hasn’t  been ridden or received any substantial training in the past two years.  This will be an ongoing project that you are welcome to come and observe at no cost. The initial schedule is for this Sunday from 1-3 pm, and then on Monday November 1st from 2-4 pm.  Going forward the plan is to continue with at least two training sessions a week We welcome you to come and see Charlie Hill and “Charlie” the horse.  If  you can’t attend, we will be posting regular updates on their progress.

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  3 Responses to “Rescue the Rescuer”

  1. I am the rescuer that Charlie is helping, and in one day I can already see the difference my little horse Charlie. Monday will be a blast as Charlie will get me up on my horse “Charlie” and teach me the meaning of “feeling” my horse. I am just tickled pink!

  2. We are starting training day 5 this weekend. Charlie Hill has made great progress with little Charlie. I look forward to what this evening brings. I have learned more about the feel of a horse than I ever thought possible. I ride my big boys all the time, but never really understood how important timing, feel and balance were before I started working with Mr. Hill. When I rode Charlie this past weekend, I felt as if my whole body was alive and I felt his feet, muscles and emotions. Thank you to Mr. Hill for helping me understand just how important timing and feel are, and trying to put a balance between them. I have a TON more to learn and will probably never learn it all in my lifetime, but I will always remember my first ride on my little boy that someone else saw fit to throw away. He will be a great horse with the help of Mr. Hill and I know that I will be a better horsewoman as well.

  3. We totally got rid of a toy that used to radolmny start singing in the middle of the night. We had a ton of toys before the baby was even born chucked in his crib and that one darn dog toy would start singing songs almost nightly in the middle of the night. It went back to the store awfully fast!!

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