Nov 142010

Last night Charlie Hill had the 5th training session with Jodi’s horse.  The evening began with Jodi describing the progress she had made with her horse during the past week.  Charlie then spent some time with her explaining how to move the horse while seated on the round pen rail.  After being saddled,  the training continued in the round pen from the ground at liberty.  Warrior was then brought back to aid Charlie as he moved the horse under halter and lead rope.  This was all in preparation for Chance Stone to ride the horse under Charlie’s guidance and support.

Reminder:  Today’s training session will be from 1-3 pm

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  1. Wow, last night I had a huge break through in my thought process! Sometimes it takes a while for the light bulb to come on. Chance was great with Charlie and is a super rider. He was there to fill in for Charlie since I am not as skilled a rider as him. I can’t wait to get on Charlie again as I learned so much last night. Mr. Hill is superb at making concepts easier to understand for both Charlie and myself. I think Mr. Hill may just be part horse.

  2. Yesterday was alot of work for both Charlie and Mr. Hill. I think a light bulb went off for little Charlie yesterday and he is starting to understand his choices and take responsibility for himself. I have learned that love may make for a good horse movie, but love, lots of time and working without an agenda makes for a better horse.

  3. I’m hearing words in my head today as I work with little Charlie. LOL Charlie Hillisims are bouncing around in my brain. Well they are doing the trick so I won’t complain.

  4. Little Charlie is still progressing! I can’t wait till we can get back to work with him full time. I have not ridden him again as Mr. Hill would like me to stay with ground work until we can work together again. Let me just say that training a young horse is alot of work, but Mr. Hill makes it easier and much more pleasurable.

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