Feb 012011

Friends of Charlie Hill would like people to know that this day, Tuesday 2/1/2011 he will start phase one revision of much of his right leg.

Some of you know Charlie to have sustained this injury back in 2006 colt starting, after which he began to limp a bit.  Charlie has more hardware in his right femur and knee than on his farrier cart, and the immobility grew more and more, and the range of motion less and less.

Charlie had a follow up knee surgery in ’08 and a redo in ’09.  The problem to the leg was compounded.  It was not made better.

To Charlie, NEVER a complaint is spoken.  Oh contraire!  Sometimes he can’t do right by the horse.  But with God’s help he gives every person interested in helping themselves and their horses his best “try”.

The love of Charlie’s life, his wife, his partner in life – Debbie, and the family members would like Charlie to give the medical field one more try.

So this day, February 1, 2011 all the old hardware comes out of the leg.  Six to eight weeks from now, reevaluate the status of the leg and move on.

We will keep all of you updated on his upcoming progress and events.  If you know Charlie, you know he will be atop the back of his mustang “Warrior” shortly.  The journey continues….

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  1. Our prayers are with you Charlie for a speedy recovery!

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