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Charlie Hill receiving Ray's saddle from Carolyn Hunt

Charlie Hill traveled to Ft. Worth, Texas during the weekend of  February 27-28  to participate among a group of 21 horsemen and students of Ray Hunt who were  selected to give presentations  by working with young horses.  This honored group was chosen because of their dedication to the horse and to pay tribute to the  relationships they had  with Ray and his legacy. Each participant provided the audience and a panel of peers an opportunity to evaluate/critique their performance and the accomplishments gained in respect to the needs of the horse rather than a competitive or predefined agenda.  In this manner each was able to present their view of the ideals Ray had instilled upon them.  In the end, the audience was asked to vote for the person who best exemplified the teachings and methods Ray had encouraged them all to learn.

When the tally was completed, Charlie Hill was voted as having given the top presentation. In recognition Charlie received one of Ray’s personal Dale Harwood saddles. In thanks for their “try” as Ray would have stated; all 21 who came to memorialize Ray were awarded with a personal piece of his tack in recognition for their skill.

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  1. Congratulations Charlie!

  2. I’ll try to keep this brief though a lot went on. I travelled to Ft. Worth from just south of Denver to witness the Ray Hunt Memorial at which Charlie Hill distinguished himself from quite a few others. The first day all the introductions were made to those of us out in the audience. One noteworthy thing was mentioned about a fella named Charlie Hill – he had just received a couple of busted ribs 2 or 3 days prior to the weekend. This meant something to me as I’ve had similar injury and I know how tough it is to keep a young and inexperienced horse happy when you’re on their back with that kind of pain and stiffness. That’s for darn sure when it’s a youngster that is about to be handled and ridden for the first time in it’s life. If that rider isn’t pretty darned well balanced and seated well then the colt’s going to be that much more troubled throughout its mind and body – nothing is going to feel good and that rider will have no security or real help to offer.
    When Charlie Hill first entered the round pen that youngster displayed his bother about the whole affair by looking for the quick way out and put some effort in to trying to climb out on the side opposite Charlie. Charlie did nothing to complicate things for the horse and they both started to look for some answers. Before the hour was up, the young Quarter Horse had a human aboard and looked pretty settled about the whole thing. Needless to say, a pretty good (impressive from where I sat!) outcome for a day compressed in to something just over an hour or so.
    Pretty neat right? Let me tell you; the second day, when Charlie entered the pen where the colt was, the whole point of the entire weekend, and the true meaning (at least by my way of thinking) of what Ray Hunt and the Dorrance Brothers tried to teach those that would listen and try, happened in the first 2 or 3 minutes of the session. When Charlie went inside the pen, near the rail, he immediately busied himself organizing his ‘tools’ . Within just a few seconds that colt carefully walked up behind Charlie and stretched out his neck to investigate. Charlie just kept arranging things (not just his saddle and such but the mornings first contact with each other as well). The colt backed off just a bit and then stretched out again. Charlie turned a bit towards the colt, held his hand up towards the colt’s face, waited for the colt to settle and then gave a heartfelt light rub on the forehead. The rest is history!
    I don’t believe that there was any other young horse that weekend that went out, unsolicited, and ‘looked up’ his assigned human. That told me everything I needed to know about Charlie Hill’s relationship with that colt and how well he’d been listening to Ray Hunt’s message and horses over the years.
    Certainly there’s a lot more I could say about the two days and Charlie’s part but I think you get my point.
    My hat’s off to Charlie Hill for what he gave that young horse Feb. 27th & 28th 2010.

    Sincerely, Roger Kyle

  3. I loved Roger Kyle’s message and wish I could have been there to witness this in person. Charlie has a true gift, and in my opinion, and Charlie is the “Horse Whisperer”. Thank you Charlie for your past help with our horses and Don and I look forward to receiving more guidance and training in the future.

    Great Job Charlie!!!

    Debbie Peacock

  4. My daughter and I were at the clinic (travelling from Canada) and sat for the two days, spellbound.
    Charlie Hill was what it was all about. The way that the horse reacted to him was magic. We were so pleased that Charlie was recognised for his abilities.
    I have to say that all of the participants were fantastic, but Charlie Hill was number 1!!

  5. Congratulations Charlie, I wish I could have been there. Thank you Roger Kyle for allowing us to appreciate what Charlie achieved. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer “bloke” and true horseman.

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