Stella – The Ben Avery Mounted Shooting Auction horse



Charlie Hill prepares Prunty Ranches 2011 filly for the horse auction to benefit Ben Avery Mounted Shooting Development Fund.

I am honored to have this opportunity to work with these 2 entities. Each in their own right, have kept alive the old west lifestyle, and traditions, while mixing modern breeding and facilities, that benefit all of us that appreciate how the west was settled.

Rolly and Becky Lisle have donated from the Prunty Ranch,, a 2011 filly (YY Spookarific). The Prunty Ranch, a century of traditions meet the demands of the 21century horseman.

Quality bred, range raised horses are hard to come by. Undoubtedly the most unique thing about the horses is the way they are raised. As they have been for a 100 yrs., the Prunty Ranch horses, are raised on the open range, in the sage brush country of North Eastern Nevada, and Southern Idaho. Their foals come of age on the high desert, nurtured as much by the landscape, as by their dam’s, evoking millennia upon millennia of deeply rooted equine instinct as they mature.

Arizona Cowboy Mounted Shooters Assn. (ACMSA) and Arizona Game and Fish Dept. (AGFD) are co-operating to build the first center designed specifically for mounted shooting. The mounted shooting center is located at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility, in Phoenix, AZ. Thus, the need for the Ben Avery Mounted Shooters Development Fund.

This is the second year for the horse auction, organized by Kevin Boterman. The 2013 auction will be held at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility on Friday, March 22, 2013. This auction is open to 20 additional horses, with normal booking fee, and no commission. Darren Moore will be the announcer and auctioneer. All proceeds from the booking fees, and the sale of YY Spookarific, the 2011 filly donated by the Prunty Ranch, will go to the Ben Avery Development Project.

My involvement in this endeavor is both my desire to give back, and to advance my own course.

I’ve seen the vision that the founders of the Ben Avery Mounted Shooting Development (BAMSD) have, and the personal efforts that they already have contributed. I realize with the completion of the project the community would receive an economic impact as well as all related phases of the horse industry.

Working with horses from many backgrounds, I fully agree that the Prunty Ranch has it right with raising horses the way God intended. Not that I know exactly what God’s intentions are, but five decades of studying the horse’s natural instincts, much of His truths have been revealed to me.

YY Spookarific, aka, Stella, came to me with her God given instincts. Stella had only been handled enough to ensure that she wouldn’t injure herself in travel.

My seventeen year old granddaughter, Shaley, agreed to help me start Stella. She has helped me with other riding projects, and some restarts. This would be Shaley’s first time to put the first riding on a colt. This endeavor has been such an enjoyable experience for both Shaley and myself.

Stella, being ranch raised in the rugged environment of the Prunty Ranch, has given her both the stamina for training, and the respect for the herd dynamics.

This has allowed me to show Shaley how to use the strength, stamina, and herd dynamics to build Stella’s trust for Shaley’s leadership, and Shaley’s trust for Stella. It wasn’t long until Shaley was riding Stella at liberty, walking trotting and cantering on cue. Shaley and I continue to spend much time with Stella building on the cue coordination, that raises her performance level, and confidence.

I hope to help raise some money for my mounted shooting friends. I feel Stella will make a great shooting horse, cutting, reined cow horse, team penning, roping, barrels, etc.


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  1. Thank you so much Charlie for working with Stella. As a mounted shooter I feel honored to have a person with your horsemanship ability working with the beautiful filly donated by the Prunty Ranch.
    She will make a great horse for some lucky person.
    I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to shoot during the Celebrity Shoot February 22, 2013. It is the Red Shirt Friday Shoot Out at Ben Avery to benefit the Jared Allen Homes for Wounded Warriors and the Ben Avery Mounted Shooting Center. You could bring Stella and show her at this time also. Please contact me if this is an event you would like to participate in.
    Thank you again for generously sharing your time.
    Susan Turner

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