Warrior was drafted September 7th, 2007.  Then was selected for service June 14th, 2008 as he was sent to Charlie Hill for basic training for the battles he now has to face.  Warrior’s battles may begin as a spiritual battle.  The bible teaches us as we develop our lives with purpose and and become obedient, give service, have praise and trust, we become free.  As Warrior is transformed with purpose, service, obedience and trust, he becomes truly free and those that watch his progress and performance gain spiritual strength.  The Mustang has survived for all time and inherited to all equine the instinct of self preservation.  This majestic understanding defies all logic and shows God’s finger prints are everywhere as it states in the George Straits’ song “I Saw God Today.”   Warrior has battles of his own as he learns to trust, obey and serve. He now represents his specie. Warrior can shine as a testament to the Mustangs value, as a tool for us to learn from and their ability to serve us.  The BLM and the Mustang Heritage Foundation continue to struggle with the overpopulation of range lands, Warrior fights to help conquer this battle.  Warriors’  battles continue on as I, as horseman of over 50 years, have gained insight from many of the industries top horsemen and feel led to share my knowledge and experiences with others.  However, in the past years due to several injuries, it has made it impossible to have horses ready for competition.  Warrior now battles me back into the publics’ eye which will give me a stronger voice.  With all these battles, how could this Mustang be called anything but “Warrior.”  He will be victorious

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