Feb 152013

We have now created a video on the progress Charlie has made with Stella in preparation for the Auction next month at the Ben Avery Mounted Shooting facility.  Check out their progress on Stella’s page.

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  1. First) Indoctrinate the young so they readily acepct policies without question. Do not worry about the validity of anything because your goal is to get them acepct a standard of living much less than their parents had.Second) push policies that support global governance in a manner that means business, in other words- totalitarian dictatorship as a model.Those are the strategies that are not overtly talked about. If you have been paying attention to the questions people have been asking they often wonder why things are not done, or not taken seriously, or not believed. The Grren Revolution is looking to mobilize the young with little green books and promote a revolution far more reaching and extensive than Mao’s cultural revolution.

  2. Y aurait-il un peu de philosophie endormie dans l’art du déboulonnage… Ou mieux! le mécano ne serait-il pas la quintessence du philosophe…Le psychanalyste lui, c’est différent. A l’inverse des grands penseurs, il a les mains dans le cambouis… Mais c’est toujours une histoire de mécanique…L’humain sera toujours une histoire de manuels(à prendre dans tous les sens, et même dans les plus incertains…)

  3. Robert Revett – I’ve looked at the photo’s again and just wished that even though it was the bride and groom’s day more photo’s could have been included of the proud parents. Especially of one of the father and brdie dance.

  4. Wacalaykum Assalaam Waraxmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh,Aad iyo aad ayaan u-jclaanay faalladaada, waana ku-mahadsan tahay. Waan ku-faraxnay inaan ka-faa’iidaysanaysid Xawaash, walaalahaadana aad la-wadaagi doontid. Mahadsanid walaal.

  5. I disagree that "egalitarians need to accept that it's perfectly possible to believe in and practice equality and say that some ministry roles are not open to women". To claim such a thing is nothing more than doublespeak. If some some ministry roles are not open to women then that is not equality, that is inequality.

  6. Bonjour Lancelot,on a regardé les vidéos et lu les messages : heureusement que tu as retrouvé ton sac !!!Merci pour les vidéos ; on est content de se voir et de voir les autres copains qui te suivent !Bonne rentrée avec les élèves. On attend des vidéos de l’école ; est-ce que ça change d’ici ?Tu pourras nous montrer à quoi ressemblent les plats dont tu as parlé ? merciA bientôt !les CP-CE1

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